TG Chapters inform, inspire, and mobilize a global network of students to be visionary catalysts for sustainable change.

Does your school feed their students directly from local gardens and farmers? Does it divest from fossil fuels and support clean energy? How about the green space on or around your school’s campus – is the protection of pollinators prioritized? If you answered no to any, or all of these questions, then you might consider starting a TG Chapter at your school!

Through these Chapters, the TG team works with student leaders to develop high-impact sustainability projects, engage key leaders and resources, and support widespread campus action. TG provides expertise, mentorship and tools to support Chapter initiatives until completion.


By starting a TG Chapter, you are taking the first step towards creating widespread, high-impact change on your campus and in your community! Chapters are encouraged to connect with each other so that student leaders can brainstorm project ideas, share progress and success stories, and offer support whenever possible. The purpose of TG Chapters is to create a coalition of passionate students who are ready and willing to shift the paradigm.

The TG Team will support Chapter projects until completion by providing mentorship and resources whenever possible. Potential resources include speakers, panel guests, films to screen, info-boards, eco-product samples, and more. TG Chapters are prioritized when selecting campuses for The Conscious College Road Tour and are asked to host a PGC Sign-Up Event each year.