Our Favorite Body Care Brands

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Looking to avoid harmful chemicals in your body care routine but aren’t sure how? Look no further. Below are some brands that make excellent products without harming you or the environment.


Shampoo + Conditioner

Acure, Everyone, Alaffia, Griffin Remedy, Morrocco Method, Wonder Seed, Keys, Innersense, BWC, Andalou, Desert Essense, Dr. Bronners, Adama, Giovanni, Uncle Harry


Dr. Bronner’s, Desert Essence, Earthpaste, Sprinjene, Xyli-White, Coral White, Dental Gel, Himalaya Botanique, Weleda


Radius, Preserve, Goodwell, WooBamboo

Dental Floss

Eco-Dent, Dental Lace, Radius, Desert Essence, Tom’s

Acne Control

Forces of Nature, Acure, Desert Essense, Juice Beauty, Evan Healy, Odacite, raw organic honey (use as face mask or spot treatment), tea tree oil (spot treatment)

Face Wash

Acure, Everyone, Dr. Bronner’s, Juice Beauty, Desert Essence, Lotus Moon, Nourish Organic, Moon Essence, Derma-e, CocoKind, Andalou, Evan Healy, Nourish Organic

 Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s, Vermont Soap, Zum Bar, Three Sisters Apothecary, Plantlife, River Soap Company, Sappo Hill, Moon Valley Organics, Chandrika, HelioTrope, Bonny Doon Farm, Dead Sea Warehouse, Desert Essence

Shower Gel/Liquid Soap

Acure, Dr. Bronner’s, Everyone, Alaffia

Pro Tip: Use a multi-use product such as Dr. Bronner’s or Everyone that can function as shampoo and body wash. It saves money, and waste!

Hand/Body Lotion

Acure, Dr. Bronner’s, EO, Alaffia, All Good, Weleda, Andalou, John Masters

Shave Cream

Acure, Dr. Bronner’s, John Master’s, NOW

Feminine Care

Natracare, Seventh Generation, Diva Cup, Rael, Glad Rags, Party in my Pants


Badger, All Good, Manda, Juice Beauty, Burnout, All-Terrain, Kivi Organics, Simple by Nature

Lip Balm

Acure, Dr. Bronner’s, Desert Essence, Alaffia, Eco Lips, Portland Bee Balm, Nanaks Lip Smoothee, Weleda, All Good, Hurraw!, Organic Essence, Badger


Plain Jane, RMS, Vapour, 100% Pure, Gabriel, Detox Market, CREDO, Hemp Organics

Makeup Brushes

QVS, EcoTools, Senzacare

Makeup Remover/Wipes

Natracare, Acure, Everyone, Coconut oil


Rich Hippie, Organic essential oils, SB (cologne)


EO, Weleda, Schmidt’s, Lavanila, Aubrey Organics, Crystal Essence, Clay Dry, Lafes, Herbal Magic, Zion Health, Nourish Organic, Organic Essence

Bug Repellant

Badger, All Terrain, Honest Company, Rocky Mountain Oils

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