Special Teams

We invite your participation as a member of Turning Green’s Special Teams Global Task Force. The task is to spread the word about Project Green Course and Project Green Challenge on college and university campuses across all continents for Fall 2022.

Representing diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies the task force members will work together to identify and engage an esteemed group of professors and academics to facilitate connection and collaboration around the world. The academics will be asked to suggest exceptional candidates to sign up for the 12th annual Project Green Challenge in October 2022 and apply for the the second year of Project Green Course beginning January 2023.

Members of Special Teams will work directly with Turning Green, participate in regular meetings, connect with like-minded peers, and gain valuable hands-on experience. Special Teams will be asked to research and identify professors and academics who specialize in climate, environmental justice, sustainability, and other relevant fields to join forces with Turning Green.

Join us to collaborate, rise as leaders and changemakers, as we launch Project Green Course and host Project Green Challenge!