Campus Rep

You are powerful. Yes, YOU. That’s why we love students so much, and team up with them from schools across the country and around the world – to effect widespread tangible change on campuses and in local communities.

Campus Reps have the unique and exciting opportunity to serve as key student leaders and liaisons between their schools and Turning Green staff. They are tasked with engaging students on their campus to sign up for Project Green Challenge, host a Conscious College Road Tour stop, and are responsible for carrying out high-impact projects and campaigns at their school. Turning Green supports Reps the whole way by providing promotional materials, hosting conference calls, and are always available to help you succeed.

We look forward to having you join us!


We typically recruit 2-4 Campus Reps at each participating school, so grab your friends! Reps collaborate with the TG team to build momentum around our two most robust events: Project Green Challenge and the Conscious College Road Tour.

During Fall Semester, our Reps are responsible for developing a campus-wide plan to engage students in Project Green Challenge. We ask all Reps to host a PGC Sign-Up event to raise awareness among their peers and encourage PGC participation. TG will send ethical-product samples to the first 30 Reps who sign up to host an event to be used as incentives for students to sign up. As a Rep, your ultimate goal would be to send a student from your school to the PGC Finals in San Francisco!

Along with PGC, Reps are prioritized when selecting schools to visit for the Conscious College Road Tour, where we visit up to 16 campuses to host an extraordinary, two-part event around key sustainability themes. Reps are responsible for gathering a team of student volunteers to help run the event, developing a project idea from a list of predetermined topics, and spreading the word far and wide about the event to ensure the highest impact possible!

Throughout the entire year, TG works closely alongside our Campus Reps and provides key resources for productive and successful events. We help draft email blasts to reach out to student organizations and key stakeholders, create beautiful flyers to hang around campus, fabricate social media posts to help spread the word, and more!

Because we so appreciate the work our Campus Reps put forth, there are also great prize incentives throughout the year for Reps who excel. For example, Reps who get at least 50 students to participate in PGC or get one student to the Finals receive a special package!


Campus Reps have the opportunity to host a mobilizing tabling event to get student participants signed up for Project Green Challenge. TG Partners will send awesome eco-product samples to the first 30 Reps who wish to host this event, providing excellent incentives for peers to become engaged! The TG Team provides information packets on our key lifestyle themes so Reps can become experts and teach it forward while putting ethical brands in the hands of students and gathering sign-ups for PGC.