When students see that they can directly affect small and large-scale change, they are likely to carry this strong sense of responsibility, purpose and stewardship into a global framework.

We aim to equip students with knowledge, resources and tools to transition mindset, habit and practice from conventional to conscious. Empowered students create a ripple effect that impacts change on campuses and communities globally.




Sixteen years ago, Turning Green began as Teens for Safe Cosmetics, a campaign that opposed hazardous chemicals in beauty and personal care products. Executive Director Judi Shils, who founded Search For The Cause in 2002 to probe into Marin County’s skyrocketing cancer rates, and her daughter, then 13-year-old Erin Schrode, began organizing meetings with local students. What began around their kitchen table soon grew to have chapters throughout middle and high schools in the Bay Area and beyond.

As the campaign grew in size and scope, the organization’s work began reaching outside the realm of cosmetics and into all aspects of an eco-conscious lifestyle, from fashion to food, school campuses to dorm rooms, prom to graduation.


Through year-round programs, toolkits, and advocacy campaigns, students have the opportunity to create positive change working alongside us. We measure success in lives touched, mindsets shifted, and habits transformed, all leading to a more conscious way of life.




We are a dedicated community of leaders, working together to ensure a sustainable future for all. We dream and do.