Conscious College Road Tour

We’re bringing a conscious lifestyle movement to college campuses!

The Conscious College Road Tour is a nationwide annual journey to a dozen colleges and universities led by Turning Green. Students, Campus Reps, faculty and administration brings the interactive Conscious Lifestyle Expo to each campus for students to learn, sample, and compare the options and impacts of conventional and conscious choices. The visit finishes with a Town Hall dinner meeting to unite diverse stakeholders, clubs, and student interests to talk mastermind an innovative yet implementable climate action project to launch on each campus with ongoing support from Turning Green.


The Road Tour features two key components: The Conscious Lifestyle Expo is a tabling exhibition featuring sustainable lifestyle themes including; food, fashion, body, zero waste and clean table displays, info boards and ethical samples from our partners. This demonstration event is held in a centrally located, well-populated spot on campus. The Town Hall is an evening dinner bringing together students, faculty, and staff to demonstrate how to launch a climate action project on campus.  
Conscious Lifestyle Expo
  • Set up : 8 to 11am 
  • Interactive exhibit : 11am to 3pm 
  • Teardown : 3 to 4:30pm
Town Hall Meeting 
  • Set up : 5 to 6pm
  • Town Hall: 6 to 8pm 
  • Teardown and load out 8 to 9pm 

The CCRT relies on Campus Reps to make each stop successful. Filling out a CCRT application automatically signs you up as a Campus Rep if your school is selected. Prior to applying, Campus Reps should think about the optimal date for the event and locations for both the Conscious Information Station and the Town Hall. 


Q: Who hosts the event? A: The Turning Green team working with campus reps, student volunteers, faculty, and staff at each participating school.

Q: When does it take place? A: March through May on college campuses

Q: How should we describe the CCRT to our clubs, schools, etc. A: Turning Green is hosting its 9th Road Tour and visited over 140 campuses. This program is a super fun, informative, and inspiring opportunity to engage tens of thousands of students around key sustainability themes. Our goal is to inform and mobilize the next generation of leaders to work together to vision a healthy, just and thriving planet for all.

Q: How can Campus Reps become more deeply involved with Turning Green after the CCRT? A: Campus Reps are mentored to become peer-to-peer educators and on-campus advocates as they prepare for and host the CCRT. As program alumni, Reps may apply to serve on Turning Green’s Student Advisory Board and/or for a summer or year round internship.

Q: How will I ensure that the tour stop at my campus will be impactful and meaningful to other students? A: Turning Green relies on Campus Reps to ensure that each event is productive and impactful on their campus. Prior to arriving at each school, Turning Green will work with Reps to prepare them for the CCRT event. Information packets about each of the key themes at the tabling event will be provided to help volunteers prepare to teach it forward. 

Q: Why do we need so many volunteers? A: It takes a village! Plus experience has shown that the more engaged and connected the volunteer teams, the better the events runs and the more informed students there are on each campus.




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“It was awesome seeing students’ eyes light up after learning about reducing waste and being more environmentally conscious. I learned a lot from walking around the different tables; I think overall, what I learned most was to question everything as much as I can and always strive to be better and more sustainable.” Jay, CCRT 2019 Host, Student, University of Mississippi

“CCRT was a wonderful experience. It educated and inspired our students in a way that I hadn’t seen before.” Deanne, CCRT 2019 Host, Staff, Auburn University Montgomery