Turning Green programs mobilize youth around climate justice, environmental sustainability and public health. With powerful solutions-oriented programs, scalable campus and community initiatives, and strong leadership and mentorship opportunities, we prompt the transition from conventional to conscious in collaboration with academia, businesses, organizations, scientists, media, policy makers, and local and global partners.

Project Green Challenge

Project Green Challenge (PGC) is a powerful and diverse call to action that features 30-days of environmentally themed challenges to mobilize high school, college and grad students worldwide around climate justice, environmental sustainability and public health each October.  Through education, inspiration and action around conscious living, grassroots advocacy, informed consumption, and movement building, PGC participants are challenged to shift mindsets and leverage their knowledge, voices and resources to lead change on campuses and in communities to sustain a healthy, just, resilient planet and society. Sign up here to join this October!

Project Green Course

An interactive, interdisciplinary virtual course for college and university students to explore climate and social justice, sustainability, advocacy, and public health. This fall, an inaugural cohort of young leaders from around the world will engage with and learn from each other, academics, speakers, mentors and innovators throughout this independent study. The curated 15-week curriculum will broaden perspectives on key environmental topics, illustrate the intersections vital to this work, and sharpen critical thinking, leadership, communication and professional skills — to propel next generation agents of change with passion, purpose and power.

Turning Green Classroom

Turning Green Classroom is an interactive web platform created to inform and inspire younger students as they learn in classrooms and remotely. With 30 topics of simple, fun, and impactful opportunities, students are invited to become eco-champions for a healthy and just planet. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to use our resources in their classrooms for instruction as well. TG Classroom is available all year long for students and teachers all around the globe to learn and understand the importance of environmental and social justice.

Conscious College Road Tour

This unique, interactive, hands-on event prompts students to become informed about conscious living and mindful consumption, inspiring them to question, seek solutions and become effective in leading change. The Road Tour visits pre-selected campuses nationwide between March and May each spring to engage students in behavior change to transition from conventional to conscious living through an educational Conscious Lifestyle Expo and advocate for change at a Town Hall Meeting.
(Postponed until further notice)

Conscious Kitchen

Conscious Kitchen addresses food equity, education, and access by shifting the paradigm around school food service, while cultivating a local, ecological food system, and building nutrition literacy into meals. CK is now meeting rising student and community need amid Covid-19 by cooking and delivering hot, nutritious meals and fresh, organic produce with the same ethics, values and deep commitment to the health and wellbeing of people and planet. Through a collaborative, replicable approach, CK partners with schools and communities to break the cycle of packaged, overly processed food, transitioning to chef-prepared, scratch-cooked meals created in on-site low-waste kitchens, based on five foundational attributes: fresh, local, organic, seasonal and nutritious. Once built, schools own and operate their Conscious Kitchens as hubs for community resilience.