Our programs prompt the sharing of vision, ideas and solutions among students, faculty and staff across thousands of campuses. Our motivation is to inspire a generation of collaborative leaders, scaling positive impact and powerful change.

Turning Green mobilizes youth to become active around issues that directly impact climate change, environmental and social justice, and public health.  With powerful programs, campus and community initiatives, as well as strong leadership and mentorship opportunities, we prompt the transition from conventional to conscious living in collaboration with academic institutions, businesses, organizations, policy makers, and local and global leaders.



 Project Green Challenge (PGC) features 30-days of environmentally themed challenges, providing students with mentorship, advocacy, and leadership skills. Through conscious living, informed consumption, and individual and collective action, PGC participants are challenged to use their voices and actions to sustain a healthy, just, and resilient planet. Since launching in 2011, this initiative has engaged over 145,000 students directly and tens of millions indirectly, on more than 9,740 campuses in all 50 states and 188 countries. It runs from October 1-30 each year. Sign up here.



This course provides college students with the education, inspiration, and practical tools to become changemakers around environmental and social justice. Students will be taught and mentored by international leaders, including policymakers, activists, and academics, with experience in the public and private sectors. 

This course provides a diversity of perspectives to help students develop an informed sense of equity and justice beyond their own lived experience. Active participants in the course will develop a well-articulated sense of their personal interests, their own unique plan for action, and a set of tools to implement their plan.

This 15-week course is designed to develop student’s capacity through discovery, individual and collective action, and practical experience.


Turning Green Classroom is an interactive web platform created to inform and inspire younger students as they learn in classrooms and remotely. With 30 topics of simple, fun, and impactful opportunities, students are invited to become eco-champions for a healthy and just planet. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to use our resources in their classrooms for instruction as well. TG Classroom is available all year long for students and teachers all around the globe to learn and understand the importance of environmental and social justice.



This unique, interactive, hands-on event prompts students to become informed about conscious living, mindful consumption, and inspires them to question, seek solutions and become effective at leading change. The Road Tour visits pre-selected campuses between March and May each spring to engage students in the transition from conventional to conscious living in their day to day lives.




About Turning Green 

Today’s youth face an escalating epidemic of health and environmental challenges. Yet they are essential participants in reimagining and transforming their future. They have hope, imagination and spirit to build a sustainable future; the passion and power to shift the marketplace, and the will to mobilize around tangible, impactful change. Most critically, they have the greatest stake in the outcomes.

By galvanizing a movement of young, informed consumers, we can shift the demand long term for healthy products and healthy food, while empowering our future leaders to be lifelong advocates for a healthy ecosystem.

At Turning Green, we work at the elementary, high school, and college level to provide students with the education, advocacy skills and leadership opportunities to take action in support of a more responsible economy, a healthy food system, and mobilize others to do the same. We aim to:

  • Inform today’s youth to reshape habits, actions, and consumption patterns
  • Empower them to be advocates for change in their homes, schools and communities
  • Mobilize these future leaders, uniting them with diverse stakeholders and mentors

We are building a movement led by youth, advocating for healthy food, safer products, and ethical businesses. We amplify existing movements for environmental and social justice, catapulting these movements into the future. Turning Green provides every student an opportunity to better understand the choices they have, the impacts of those choices, and the tools to take action through our two flagship programs:

Conscious Campus

This program educates, engages and mobilizes students through a series of projects:

●   The Campus Road Tour – To Educate: An annual tour of ~20 college campuses across the US where students examine the impact of, and alternatives to, their daily choices and habits.  Each tour stop culminates in a Town Hall meeting where a sustainability initiative is launched on campus, with ongoing support from Turning Green. Impact: Over 2M students directly on 100+ campuses and tens of millions via social platforms 

●   Project Green Challenge (PGC) – To Engage: A month long competition that engages thousands of students across the globe through sustainability-themed challenges, covering topics from personal health, to food and product labeling, fair trade, waste and energy. The challenge culminates with a 4-day PGC Summit in the SF Bay Area for 16 outstanding students.

Reach: ~35,000 participants on 2500+ campuses in 45 countries and over 100M via social 

●  Turning Green Interns – To Lead: Year-round experiential learning opportunities that give students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become powerful sustainability leaders on their campuses.

Impact: ~250 students each year taking on leadership roles on their campuses 

Conscious Kitchen

This program works to shift the paradigm around food service in schools by cultivating a local, ecological food system and building nutrition literacy into school meals. Our staff works with schools and school districts to transition school food from pre-packaged, processed, heat-and-serve to chef-cooked meals, prepared in on-site, zero waste kitchens, based on five foundational attributes that we call FLOSN: Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, Non-GMO.

Impact: First FLOSN school district in the U.S.; creating a replicable framework and blueprint for schools across the nation. 

Through our work, we demonstrate that each individual can affect change: one voice, one student and one school at a time.


Conscious Kitchen is committed to food equity, access and education — serving fresh, local, organic school meals to students since 2013 and now meeting rising needs across Marin county by scratch-cooking and delivering hot, nutritious meals with the ethics, values and commitment to the health and wellbeing of people and planet. In the face of the Coronavirus crisis, since schools closed in March 2020, Conscious Kitchens are operating as hubs for community resiliency with the teams, equipment, supply chains and structure to scale up with urgency and immediate local implementation — preparing and dispatching breakfasts, lunches and dinners for kids, families, older adults and food-insecure community members while directly and meaningfully supporting staff, farmers, food purveyors, small business and more.

Beginning in a Northern California public school where 95% of students qualify for free-and-reduced lunch, Conscious Kitchen launched the first organic school district in the country — and is currently cooking and safely delivering meals for vulnerable populations amid increasing health, societal and financial hardship.