Turning Green programs mobilize youth around climate justice, environmental sustainability and public health, while activating leadership potential and confidence for personal and professional benefits.

Our programs are built by, for, and with powerful next generation leaders! Through our leadership development framework, we support opportunities for students to facilitate and activate widespread campus and community action. We co-develop brilliant ideas and bring programs to life that benefit people and planet. We assist with high impact project planning and engage key stakeholders and resources. We provide the tools and mentorship to develop strong leaders and empower students to cultivate their bold voices. We exist for you and because of you. We prompt global impact with your dedication, superpowers, and commitment.

YOU are a change maker, you just might not know it yet! We want to support you to effect widespread tangible change on campuses and local communities all over the world! Want to get involved, but don’t know where to start? Leave your information and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!


Turning Green thrives with our passionate, committed, motivated and extraordinary student interns. In-person (Bay Area) and virtual internships are competitive and available for summer and year-round. Interns are a driving force for this organization as we create, develop, strategize, and implement key programs, projects and initiatives. Our workplace is fast-paced, fun, innovative, collaborative and powered by creativity – underscored by our mantra ‘dream and do! 

Special Teams

Special Teams engage and ground PGCourse and PGC on college and university campuses globally, leading up to annual launches. This task force of student ambassadors from diverse backgrounds identify and engage an esteemed group of professors and academics to facilitate connection and collaboration. Professors are asked to suggest candidates to apply for the PGCourse cohort and sign up for Project Green Challenge in October, programs that work to build a healthy, just, resilient planet and society.

Campus Rep

Campus Reps serve as key student leaders and liaisons between their schools and the Turning Green global team. Reps are partners and catalysts for change on campuses across the country and around the world who share our values, advocate for conscious living for individuals, campuses and communities, and work with staff on key programs. Reps amplify messaging on their campuses, engage their peers and activate impactful change, while discovering their power, passion and purpose.

Consider the sheer number of students on campuses around the world. Enrollment on many campuses outnumbers the populations of towns! By sparking change among that many young people — not to mention their peers, families, digital networks, and other spheres of influence — our future looks brighter.

Erin Schrode

Co-Founder, Turning Green