Turning Green mobilizes youth to become active around issues that directly impact personal and environmental health.

Our programs are built by, for, and around powerful student leaders! Through our robust leadership development framework, we support a variety of opportunities for students to facilitate and activate widespread campus action. Together, we co-develop ideas and bring initiatives to life to benefit the health and wellbeing of people and planet. We assist with high impact project planning and engage key stakeholders and resources. We provide the tools and mentorship to build sustainability platforms and empower students to find their voices. We exist because of you – and maintain impact and growth with your dedication, voices, brainpower, and commitment.

Want to get involved but don’t know where to start? Leave your name and information below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible! To get involved in a specific program, please visit that program’s page for more information.


You are powerful. Yes, YOU. That’s why we love students so much, and team up with them from schools across the country and around the world – to effect widespread tangible change on campuses and in local communities.




Turning Green (TG) is seeking passionate, committed and motivated students to work side by side with our team at the TG Headquarters in Sausalito, CA. Internships are competitive and are available in summer and year round. Interns are our driving force as we brainstorm, strategize, and implement key programs, projects and initiatives. The TG workplace is fast-paced, powered by creativity, fun, innovation and collaboration – all underscored by our underlying expression dream and do!




TG Chapters inform, inspire, and mobilize a global network of students to be visionary catalysts for sustainable change. Through these Chapters, the TG team works with student leaders to develop high-impact sustainability projects, engage key leaders and resources, and support widespread campus action. TG provides expertise, mentorship and tools to support Chapter initiatives until completion.




The members of the TG Student Advisory Board serve as organization ambassadors, assist staff in the planning and facilitation of TG’s programs including Project Green Challenge, Conscious College Road Tour, and other related events, and act as student advisors for the organization. Additionally, the TG Student Advisory Board members assume the same responsibilities as Campus Representatives when it comes to the health of TG relationships on their campus.



Consider the sheer number of students on campuses around the world. The student enrollment on many campuses often outnumber the populations of small cities! By sparking change among that many young people, not to mention their peers, families, digital networks, and other spheres of influence, our future looks brighter.

Erin Schrode

Co-Founder, Turning Green