Campus Rep

You are powerful. Yes, YOU. That’s why we love students so much, and team up with them from schools across the country and around the world – to effect widespread tangible change on campuses and in local communities.

Campus Reps have the unique and exciting opportunity of serving as key student leaders and liaisons between their schools and the TG national team. They are our partners and catalysts for change on campuses across the country and around the world. They share our values and ethics around a healthy, just and thriving planet, advocate for conscious living in their daily lives, on campuses and in their communities, and work with TG on key programs. Reps amplify messaging about conscious living on their campuses, engage their peers and activate tangible change.

How do Reps accomplish their tasks?

Reps are invited to engage students on their campuses to sign up for Project Green Challenge, host a Conscious College Road Tour stop (pending Covid restrictions), and carry out high-impact projects and campaigns throughout the year with Turning Green. For each of these programs, the TG team will guide you through the process, provide collateral and promotional materials, host conference calls to address all questions, supply social media content and ensure you have truly impactful experiences and feel really good about your work.

Our Campus Reps are a vital presence in our community of committed changemakers, and we support them in every way.

Want to join? We would be thrilled!


We recruit 2-4 Campus Reps at participating schools. Reps work directly with the TG team to help execute and build momentum around our two most impactful annual events: Project Green Challenge and Conscious College Road Tour (CCRT). During Fall semester, Reps are tasked with developing a campus-wide plan to engage students in PGC. We ask all Reps to host a PGC Sign-up event (pending Covid restrictions) to raise awareness among their peers and encourage PGC participation. TG will send ethical-product samples to the first 30 Reps who sign up to host an event to incentivize students to want to learn more and sign up! As a Rep, a great goal would be to have a student from your school be invited to the PGC Finals in San Francisco – it could even be you! Along with PGC, Reps have priority when we select schools to visit for the Conscious College Road Tour (CCRT) in the Spring. We visit up to 16 campuses (pending Covid restrictions) and host an extraordinary, two-part sustainability event focused on conscious living and campus action. Reps are responsible for gathering a team of student volunteers to help run the event, develop a project idea to explore during the Town Hall dinner, and to spread the word about the CCRT far and wide to prompt participation. Throughout the entire year, TG works alongside Campus Reps and providing great resources for productive and successful events. We help draft email blasts to reach out to student organizations and key stakeholders, create flyers to promote, fabricate social media posts to help spread the word, and more! Because we so appreciate our Campus Reps, there are also great prize incentives throughout the year for Reps who go the extra mile. For example, Reps who get at least 100 students to participate in PGC receive an ecofabulous lifestyle gift bag.


Campus Reps share information about PGC with students, clubs, faculty and administration at their school. The goal is to encourage students to participate in PGC. Reps have the opportunity to host a mobilizing tabling event to inspire students to sign up for PGC and to educate students about sustainability themes from zero waste to organic, fashion to energy, fair trade to water. The first 30 schools who apply to host a PGC Sign–up event (pending Covid restrictions) will receive product samples so students can try and learn about ethical brands. TG Team will provide information packets so Reps can become experts and share their wisdom with their peers.


Conscious College Road Tour is a seven-week cross country journey to sixteen college campuses across the country. The CCRT informs students about a variety of sustainability themes, empowers them to create tangible change in life and on campus, and mobilizes them around a student-led sustainability project on campus.

Campus Reps help TG coordinate the two key components of this event.

  • The Conscious Information Station, a tabling exhibition featuring seven lifestyle themes (footprint, food, fashion, body, zero waste, clean, living space), table displays, info boards, and ethical product samples to give away. This demonstration event is held in a well-populated area on campus.
  • Town Hall dinner gathers students, faculty, and staff to develop a sustainability initiative to be implemented on campus.

The next CCRT will take place March 20 through May 4, 2020. Apply now to reserve a spot!