Freshman Project

Freshman year is a student’s first glimpse into their college experience; both academically and socially. We believe that this creates a potential for huge impact, which is why we have created a series of resources designed specifically to enlist freshmen in the transition from conventional to conscious.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions or comments regarding our resources.


Our Sustainability 101 Packet is an intro guide to conscious college living. It includes diverse resources such as important facts, videos, tips as well as action steps, and infographics to help inform and mobilize your peers. Through this student packet, we provide a framework for defining sustainability in your own life and on your campus.  


What do you know? What have you learned? Take this open-note Quiz to test your knowledge on conscious living! Feel free to check back with the Sustainability 101 Packet and use online resources while working through! This quiz is also meant to be used as a resource for professors and student club leaders to test incoming students and members, respectively, so pass it along!



Sustainability Seminars:  We’ve also developed unique class curriculum content for professors, club leaders, or staff to be implemented on campuses nationwide. Inform, inspire, and activate interested students around sustainability with these three step-by-step seminar frameworks!