“The red road is predictable, a known entity, safe, and conservative… The white road is just the opposite. It is the road less traveled. It is an unknown entity, unpredictable, and there may be danger and hardship along the way… But along with this hardship or danger, there is often reward. The reward is a sense of accomplishment—the joy and beauty of the journey along the road less traveled.”  

~ Gary Erickson, Founder of Clif Bar

Adventure: n. an exciting or remarkable experience.

What’s your relationship to the outdoors? Do you seek it out? For some, getting outdoors is summiting mountains or surfing big waves. For others, it’s a leisurely walk down a new path.

A great way to develop a deep love for our planet is to get outside and savor its beauty.

Check out Clif Bar’s adventure page or National Geographic’s and ten most inspiring adventurers of the year and let’s get going. It’s time to get outside. So grab your shoes and a camera, we are going on an adventure!

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The world around you is bigger than you many think. It’s easy to get into a routine and become comfortable with your surroundings, but there are so many places outside of your usual hangouts that can open up a world of adventure! Let’s break out of your routine, take some time to explore, and find out what unexplored places are nearby!


Are there any places that you have always wanted to go explore, but have never gotten to?

Harness the power of the internet and go online to search what outdoor green spaces exist near you. This includes parks, national park land, local trails, gardens, and many more.

Make a bucket list of five places close to where you live.



You’ve probably heard the quote, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” But it’s time take this a step further. Yes, your adventure is important, but so is how you go about adventuring. This means the steps you take to ensure the health of our planet matter just as much as your trip. It may mean thinking about how your gear is made, how you travel, and how you fill your backpack.

  • It’s time to plan for whatever adventure you want to embark on. The trick? It needs to be a sustainable adventure. That means you need to think critically about all of the components. We want to see all of the details of your adventure and how you plan to galavant without harming the earth.
  • Pick your place. Share your travel arrangements and what’s in your backpack. Consider your snacks (and how they are made and if the company supports the planet); how to incorporate reusable containers (water bottle? Snack holder?); and outfitting yourself with sustainable adventure gear.



So you’ve thought about where you would go, how you would get there, and what you would bring… all that is left is to go do it!

  • Take a picture of your surroundings and caption it with your observations (What are you seeing? How does it make you feel? And of course, the name of the location: city and state).
  • Take us with you on your outdoor adventure! Share a picture or comment with us on social media by tagging @TurningGreenOrg and using #ConventionalToConscious