“When we walk like we’re rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth…Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”  

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master

Now, consider this radical alternative: you put yourself first. What would that look like?

During this #ConventionalToConscious journey, we’ve asked you to think about the big environmental picture: your ecological footprint, the waste you generate, the food you eat, your energy consumption, and more.  Given all of this information, it can be easy to forget to care for yourself and your body. But, YOU are a key piece of that big picture.

To take care of the planet, you must take care of yourself.

Making wellness a part of your lifestyle helps to guarantee that you have the energy and stamina to be an effective and enduring changemaker. In moments of high stress, wellness can feel like your lowest priority. But with a toolbox of techniques and a commitment to prioritizing your health, you will find that you can accomplish more in all parts of your life.

Here are 6 easy ways you can start taking care of your health:

  1. Eat well. You are what you eat, and eating healthy, FLOSN Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, Non-GMO foods not only takes care of your body, but the planet too. It’s a win-win!
  2. Get your zzzzz’s. You know you need your sleep, but sometime an all-nighter seems like the easier option. Instead, prioritize a good night’s sleep. It helps you retain information and perform better, plus sleep helps your muscles grow, repairs tissues, and synthesizes hormones. Sleep. It is one of the best things you can do for your health.
  3. Explore holistic alternatives. Holistic medicine works to help people regain balance in their lives by considering the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Before you reach for traditional medications that often have side-effects consider natural remedies and preventive self-care
  4. Study smart. There are plenty of things to distract you when you are studying. Instead, try to turn off your phone and internet when you are hitting the books. Those wasted hours on Snapchat are put to much better use hanging out with your friends in person or sleeping! Try the Pomodoro method as a way for time management.
  5. Follow your bliss. Have some fun! Carve out some time in your schedule to do something that brings you joy and helps you to relax. Whether that’s going for a run, practicing yoga, meditation, painting, or playing frisbee in the quad take some time to do something that you love..

Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of the world around you. It has been proven to help manage stress, increase memory and attention, fight depression and anxiety, and even boost the immune system! Where to start? Try starting a simple meditation practice.

Ted Talk






Think about what you think about. Gratitude and positive intentions can help you notice and appreciate life’s little pleasures. “Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention” -Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher and NY Times Author. WIth a regular practice you may experience greater joy, love, and enthusiasm for life.

  • Watch the video of the day here, a beautiful film created by Louie Schwartzberg.
  • Inspired by what you’re grateful for, set an intention for the day and write it on your mirror or a sticky note.
  • Let this intention guide your day.



This community is made up of people aspiring to lead a more conscious lifestyle who are facing the same struggles of balance between school, extracurriculars, and leisure.

  • Take a look at what other folks who are transitioning their lives from #ConventionalToConscious are posting and sharing on social media by searching the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Find someone else who is on this journey and connect with them! Send them a message or comment on one of their posts. This is the beginning of creating a community and support system for your new lifestyle!



By taking some time to get outside and experience all that mother nature has to offer, we can better appreciate the interconnectedness between us and our incredible planet.

  • Go to an outdoor space that makes you happy. It may be as simple as the sunny spot right outside your home or something that requires more effort like a hiking trail that leads you to a lookout.
  • Tell us how it feels to spend time in this space.
  • Share a memory or a photo of your excursion with us @TurningGreenOrg, using #ConventionalToConscious