What are the Benefits of Being a Campus Representative? 

  • Win prizes for having the most participants on the first day of PGC  (top three winners will receive $100 worth of ethical products from Turning Green)
  • Learn about the inner workings of Turning Green and have an entry point for working in other roles including internships, teaching assistants, and fellowships  
  • Have access to Turning Green network of students and alumni
  • Build new connections with like-minded students from across the planet 
  • First 30 campus representatives in the U.S. will have the opportunity to host a sponsored event, with products from our sustainable corporate partners. 
  • Clubs and professors can use Project Green Challenge activities to build engagement on campus

What makes Project Green Challenge different from all the other climate action programs?

  • 25 Environmental and social justice themes under one umbrella
  • Gamified platform – It’s fun, empowering, and you learn a ton
  • Opportunity to win fabulous prizes daily 
  • Opportunity to share in the $5,000 Green Award to support Climate Action Projects
  • Clubs can use activities in Project Green Challenge to build engagement on campus 
  • Professors can use Project Green Challenge to support topics being taught in class 

What work is required as a Campus Representative?

  • It’s easy, fun and meaningful! Turning Green provides flyers, letters and outreach materials for you to share, while fully welcoming your creative input!
  • Come to one onboarding meeting 
  • Host a PGC Sign up event in September on your campus (we provide materials, you find a space on campus) 
  • Ask questions and connect with other Campus Representatives around the world on our Facebook Group
  • Share PGC materials with students and professors on your campus
  • Engage 1-3 other students to work with you (often Campus Representative teams have a student from each grade which makes this task even easier) 
  • Get as many sign-ups as you can! A good target is between 50-100. Professors and partner Reps are always there for additional support.