An cohort of 30 students from countries and campuses around the world.
A 15-week interactive, interdisciplinary virtual course for college and university students to explore climate justice, sustainability, advocacy and public health 
Fall 2021 (Aug 31 – Dec 16)
The Project Green Course digital classroom
To mobilize our next generation of bold changemakers and ensure a healthy, just, and resilient future
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This fall, emerging young leaders from around the world will engage with and learn from each other, academics, speakers, mentors and innovators throughout this independent study. The Project Green Course 15-week curriculum will broaden perspectives on key environmental topics, illustrate the intersections vital to this work, and sharpen critical thinking, leadership, communication and professional skills — to propel next generation agents of change with passion, purpose and power.

The Course will facilitate deep discussion, meaningful reflection and solutions-focused thinking to activate voices and actualize potential. Participants will benefit from a dynamic educational experience, gaining knowledge and skill sets with widespread application and value, These learnings will be put into practice through a final climate action group project with real world impact


Week 1:

Discover Your Why
Discover your unique role as an environmental changemaker, bringing individual strengths and bold spirit for collective impact. Activism is personal. We each have a reason to show up — and all of us are needed in the climate movement.

Week 2:

Translate Passion to Action
Find your passion to make a difference. With intention and collaboration, thoughts can become things. Connect your interests, experiences and skills with others to share diverse perspectives, achieve common goals and address pressing needs.

Week 3:

Activate Your Voice
Reflect on, articulate and claim your narrative. Explore a range of mediums to engage the power of storytelling as a tool for activism, amplifying your voice to propel positive change.

Week 4:

Energize Your Leadership
Develop personal leadership, while cultivating practices to build wellness, resilience and have meaningful impact. Meet emerging challenges with the tools to both sustain yourself and energize and inspire the people around you.

Week 5:

The Nexus of Footprint and Climate Justice
Examine responsibility and accountability, power and privilege, and relationships with and to the natural world. Look into the stories we are told, ways environmental issues affect populations inequitably, and how to bend the arc toward justice for all people.

Week 6:

Food, Farming + Stewardship: Lessons From the Past
Investigate regenerative systems that offer solutions to combat harm and create positive cycles for soil and society. Honoring agricultural and culinary traditions inspiries better practices, philosophies, and relationships to the land.

Week 7:

Fashion, Fair Trade, Industry and Ethics
Industry has the power to change the world. In reality, its outsized impact far too often comes with devastating costs and repercussions directly affecting global health, natural resources, workers and consumers on a daily basis.

Week 8:

Nature as a Design Blueprint
Look to nature for the answers. Sustainable systems have flourished for billions of years on Earth. Through observation of balanced ecosystems, we can find and apply invaluable, creative solutions to current climate and global challenges.

Week 9-10:

Culminating Group Project
Frame, develop and implement a culminating team project focused on four key themes: land, water, food and waste. Students will work in collaboration with peers, mentors and experts over a six-week period.

Week 11-14:

Project Development
Continue project development in conjunction with a series of professional skills workshops and ongoing mentorship to support personal, academic and professional growth and success.

Week 15:

Culminating Project Presentation
Teams present final projects to a professional panel emphasizing vision, progress and next steps.
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“Access to high quality education moves people from one stage of life to another. Once you can read and write you are empowered to know more, grow and develop an informed perspective of the world.” – Yaw Agyeman Boafo, Ph.D, University of Ghana


“We’re creating this course to inspire and
empower our generation to change the world.”