What is Project Green Course?

Project Green Course is a global climate initiative designed to empower students around the world to become catalysts for positive environmental transformation on their campuses and in their communities. Read more about the curriculum and program offerings here.

Who can apply?

PGCourse welcomes boldly driven college and university students from any country to apply. We will select a diverse group of Undergraduate, Master’s, Law, and Ph.D. student leaders to grow as committed, informed changemakers. Applications will not be opening until 2024.

How can I apply for PGCourse?

Applications for the next PGCourse will be available starting in the Fall of 2024.

Does PGCourse have a fee?

 In a commitment to be equitable to all candidates, there is no fee!

When will PGCourse take place?

Applications for the next PGCourse will open in Fall of 2024, the Course itself taking place in the Spring of 2025.

What is the time commitment for PGCourse?

Students will meet for 90 minutes twice a week. Students will have weekly reflections. During the last 6 weeks of the course, students will work in small groups to develop a personal Climate Action Project. There will be optional opportunities outside of class time for further collaboration, discussion, community building, and learning.

What is the format of the classes?

Each class provides learning opportunities inspiring students to engage with a variety of environmental topics. The class experiences will offer panel discussions, conversations with esteemed academics and leaders, Q&A sessions, small group breakouts, workshops, project-based learning opportunities, peer discussions, student-led activities, and more.

Who are the instructors?

Instructors include educators and professors, academic researchers, environmental experts, youth climate activists, professionals, policymakers, and more. Students gain new perspectives from peers through small group discussions and collaborative projects. The Course will be led by facilitators and teaching assistants to guide participants through their 15-week journey.

Is PGCourse officially accredited?

PGCourse is not officially recognized as an academic course in the United States. It is intended to function as a learning opportunity and independent study during its first year of implementation. We recommend that students partner with a faculty advisor, who can assist with acquiring academic credit from a college/university for completing the Course.  

How can professors and students promote PGCourse on their campus?

Please share these flyers on campus and encourage students to apply for PGCourse: Flyer A and Flyer B.

Where did the idea for PGCourse come from?

Students participating in our annual fall initiative, Project Green Challenge 2020 (PGC), were tasked with designing an original syllabus for a college course they would want to take, using the themes from PGC. Those ideas were the basis for Turning Green to develop Project Green Course for a Fall 2021 launch.

What is the difference between Project Green Course and Project Green Challenge?

Both of these programs aim to shift mindsets, change behavior, build capacity, and equip students with knowledge, resources, and mentorship to lead change on campuses and communities worldwide. 

Project Green Challenge is a self-directed initiative spanning 30 days every October that is open to any and all participants. Students independently learn from and act on themed challenges and resource materials to complete daily tasks. High school, college, and grad students are eligible to earn points and prizes to incentivize deeper engagement. In the end, participants can submit to the PGC Finals. No application is required. Register here for the 11th annual PGC today.  

Project Green Course’s 15-week curriculum will broaden perspectives on key environmental topics, illustrating the intersections vital to this work while sharpening students’ critical thinking, leadership, communication, and professional skills — to propel next-generation agents of change with passion, purpose, and power. The Course will facilitate deep discussion, meaningful reflection, and solutions-focused thinking to activate voices and actualize potential. Participants will benefit from a dynamic educational experience, gaining knowledge and skill sets with widespread application and value. These learnings will be put into practice through a funded final climate action project with real-world impact. With a faculty advisor, participants should be eligible to receive credit for PGCourse as an independent study. Interested students can apply here.

Note: students enrolled in PGCourse will have the opportunity to participate in Project Green Challenge throughout October to accompany their learning, but will not be eligible to win daily challenges or prizes.

What is Turning Green?

Turning Green is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 — a global student-driven movement cultivating a healthy, just, thriving planet through education, advocacy, and leadership around climate justice, environmental sustainability, and public health. We inform, inspire, and mobilize a global network of elementary, middle, high school, college, and graduate students to become visionary catalysts for sustainable change across their lives, school campuses, and local communities. 

What other opportunities does Turning Green offer to students?

There are countless opportunities to get involved with our organization, ranging from signing up for our 30-day annual Project Green Challenge each October to the hands-on Internship Program year-round, our ever-growing Conscious Kitchen program. Be in touch!