Feel free to adjust dates based on your school’s academic calendar. But remember Project Green Challenge begins October 1!

By End of August

  • Attend a Campus Representative onboarding meeting in August
  • Invite friends to join as Campus Reps; we recommend 2-4 per campus across grades
  • Join our PGC Campus Rep Facebook group to get to know fellow Campus Reps
  • Post across personal and school social media networks using sample posts in the ‘Resources’ section. Tag and ask club, school, regional and other accounts to share widely.
  • Send information to campus environmental groups, student clubs, related departments, school newsletters and papers, etc.
  • Pick a date to host a PGC sign-up event on your campus in September. Reserve a busy public space, like a student center or common green area, as well as tables and linens, following school guidelines. Invite peers to volunteer and ensure all fully understand what PGC is and that they are encouraging students to sign-up and participate.

By early September

  • Send an email to clubs and professors on campus who may support PGC. Use templates in the ‘Tools’ section for support.
  • Ask people to spread the word about Project Green Challenge to their email lists using our flyer attachments (see ‘Tools’ section), or if you can speak at a meeting or class. Some professors may even offer extra credit to students who participate!
  • Once your event date is set, advertise on social media and in person to many networks.
  • Share PGC flyers on campus and in department/club newsletters or school newspapers.


  • Host your Project Green Challenge sign-up event!
    • Presentation is important, so make tables look inviting by adding colorful tablecloths and baskets for samples
    • Have students sign up on site at projectgreenchallenge.com, and let them know they can participate in teams of up to 4. We will provide a QR code to sign up and recommend having a few QR codes printed out on the table. If you have access to an iPad or laptop, you can have it open for students to sign up on the spot.
    • Talk to students about Project Green Challenge and sustainability in general.
    • Create mock challenges to capture attention of passers-by with simple props, like single-use plastic, reusable bottles, etc.
    • Start an Instagram or Facebook group, Group Me, or Discord with the students you have registered to build a local, supportive PGC community.
    • Take photos of your set-up and students at your table to share with Turning Green (info@turninggreen.org) and tag us at @turninggreenorg in social media posts from the event. Make sure to include the official hashtag.
    • Contact us with any questions at any time: info@turninggreen.org.
    • Continue to promote PGC in classrooms and high-traffic areas by posting flyer with sign-up url: projectgreenchallenge.com.
    • Post on social media with creative calls to engage new audiences to sign up for PGC!
    • Connect with the Turning Green team; let us know how you are doing and what you need.

October 1

  • Project Green Challenge begins! Wish everyone in your group good luck, answer questions (or direct them to the Turning Green team) and remind them to participate. Turning Green can give you a list of campus sign ups, if you need.

October 2 – 30

  • Keep motivating the participants at your school to complete the daily challenges!
  • Track the PGC leaderboard and encourage/congratulate students who excel. Cheer students on to make it to the PGC Finals!
  • If you are able, bring participants together to talk about the PGC experience, and maintain momentum!

Early November

  • If a student from your school makes it to the PGC Finals, highlight them on social media and across school platforms.
  • Meet up with participants and finalists to debrief about their experience.
  • Make sure students document their experience at the PGC Finals and follow up about continued climate action on campus!

You can always ask or direct any questions to info@turninggreen.org.