Fashion for the Planet: a capsule collection

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Lifestyle


In honor of Earth Month and Fashion Revolution Day, Turning Green’s Fashion for the Planet: a capsule collection rolled out a student-curated lookbook featuring environmental changemakers in hand-selected, stylish, sustainably-sourced, and ethically-made clothing by eco-designers, photographed in beautiful locations around the world.

We are launching this project with fashion as a lens to highlight the power of young climate activists, raise awareness about the negative impacts of the fashion industry, and propel demand for responsible brands that prioritize human rights, environmental sustainability, and ethical supply chains.

Each photo is captioned with a personal statement about what these bold changemakers are doing to drive climate action as they create the healthy, just, and resilient planet and future they dream of.

Don’t forget to take action for Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th.



Turning Green changemakers partnered with some of their favorite ethical designers. The full lookbook will be live on Monday, April 24th.


Sanjana Acharya wearing The Summer House. Photo by Arun Sreedharan.


Sanjana Acharya

Graduate, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Madras, India

Major: Development Studie

Look: The Summer House

Right now, my Climate Action Project as a Project Green Course student with Turning Green helps tell the story of an indigenous group, the Jenu Kuruba, who have been stewards of the forests in my state for centuries and yet today are threatened with colonial conservation policies that have forcibly evicted them from their homes.”


Promise Grâce wearing Houndafoche Dandjinou Amandine, Beninese Artisan. Photo by Florian Kotomale.


Promise Grâce Houndafoche

Graduate, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin

Abomey-Calavi, Benin

Major: Agronomy

Look: Dandjinou Amandine, Beninese Artisan 

In my local community, I am involved in tree planting, maintenance activities, and clean-up campaigns like World Clean-up Day to demonstrate to my neighbors how we can all live more sustainably.”


Lucy Yoshioka wearing Tentree and VEERAH. Photo by Rishabh Agarwal.


Lucy Yoshioka

Senior, University of California, Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, California 

Major: Geography and Environmental Studies

Look: Tentree and VEERAH

Collective support creates action. While working with Conscious Kitchen towards a chemical-free future for organic school food systems, I have experienced how community and support and care for each other easily turns into care for the planet.”


Lia Haile wearing Jungmaven. Photo by Anna Pelosi.


Lia Haile

Sophomore, Denison University 

Granville, Ohio

Major: Environmental Studies 

Look: Jungmaven

The climate crisis can be very anxiety-inducing, and it is easy to feel hopeless. But, that doesn’t help anyone. Although the largest causes of climate change are not the fault of the individual, we are still able to change them. We have a lot more power than we think as consumers. In this capitalist society, we vote with our ballots and more importantly, our money.”


Jasmine Amoako-Agyei wearing Prairie Underground. Photo by O’Shea Tometi.


Jasmine Amoako-Agyei

Senior, Arizona State University 

Tempe, Arizona 

Major: Business Sustainability

Look: Prairie Underground

I have loved the opportunity to work with Turning Green on Fashion for the Planet and to see what is possible in the world of sustainable fashion. As someone who is deeply passionate about sustainability, fashion, and product design it has been so exciting to see how brands are taking innovative approaches to designs, material use, and manufacturing processes without compromising quality or style.”


Daniel Koto Dagnon wearing Stylise Abirh Toure, Beninese Artisan. Photo by Razaki Sabi Zingui.


Daniel Koto Dagnon

Graduated, University of Abomey Calavi

Abomey-Calavi, Benin

Major: Hydrology and Water Resource Management 

Look: Stylise Abirh Toure, Beninese Artisan 

I am trying to address the low participation of girls and women in the climate field in Benin through a new program called Green Amazons. I started the program, with the support of Turning Green, after being a student in the inaugural Project Green Course. My program is based on the needs and requests of the beneficiaries themselves, who are young girls and women leaders, and female members of Beninese NGOs working on climate locally.”


Bree Fong wearing Threads 4 Thought. Photo by Reanna Salvador.


Bree Fong

Graduate, University of Rochester 

Rochester, New York

Major: Environmental Studies, Psychology 

Look: Threads 4 Thought 

I started interning with Turning Green in the spring and have learned so much in that brief time –  about the vast, negative impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment, as I worked on our Fashion for the Planet campaign, to becoming more aware of what I’m putting in and on my body, as I analyzed content from Project Green Challenge. There is so much to take in about sustainability and always room to change or improve some part of my lifestyle to create a greener future.”


  • Ella Fesler

    Ella is a third year at the University of Virginia studying Global Environments and Sustainability with a minor in Public Policy. Her interest in sustainability took off when she was a finalist for Turning Green's Project Green Challenge in 2017. At the moment, Ella is particularly interested in creating sustainable and equitable food systems for all.