Five Senses of Spring

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Environment, Lifestyle, Voices

The spring equinox is this Saturday, March 20th. Warming days and more daylight tells us spring is near. Celebrating its arrival by heading outdoors to a local park, your backyard or any magical space in nature where spring is bringing everything to beautiful life. My favorite part about spring is the world in vivid color as wildflowers burst from dreary winter landscapes. In California, each March, I feel excitement to find the first poppies, lupines, paintbrush, baby blue eyes, and tidy tips painting the earth.

Last week, while walking beneath the Trinity Alps in California. I heard the creek rushing with fresh snowmelt, I saw a flash of a hummingbird diving through the sky, I touched the soft and silky buds of a willow tree between my fingers, I smelled a light pink flower on a Manzanita tree, and I tasted a juicy orange with a slight tartness.

As I slowly walked, my feet sunk into rain saturated clay, I listened to the chatter of birds and turned towards the warm sun to appreciate the arrival of Spring.

As we approach the spring, how is the world around you changing? What do you notice? What flowers are blooming? Trees adorning new leaves? Birds returning? We encourage you to head outdoors to make sensory seasonal observations locally.

What do you hear? See? Smell? Taste? Feel?

We would love to learn what’s changing where you are. Share with us on social media and tag us at @TurningGreenOrg!



  • Margaret Cooper

    Margaret is a UC Davis alumna with a degree in Environmental Science and Management and Spanish minor. She is driven by youth empowerment, environmental education, and outdoor accessibility to address climate change in her community. She loves being part of the Turning Green community to build confident future leaders and advocates for environmental sustainability.