Planting Organic Seeds of Change

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Education, Environment, Justice

Eco-Farming Initiative in Dhaka, Bangladesh

In the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shahed Anan is on a mission to revolutionize the way that farmers cultivate their land. Shahed’s Climate Action Project began with a realization that conventional farming practices were taking a toll on the health and wellbeing of his community and the planet. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides were not only affecting the crops, but also seeping into soil, contaminating water sources, and wreaking havoc on the environment.

As Shahed embarked on his 30-day journey through Project Green Challenge this fall and earned a spot as a PGC Finalist, he realized that the power to transform his community began within himself, one university student in Bangladesh — and started ideating his Eco-Farming Initiative. 

Shahed and his collaborators, the Nature Conservation Initiative and the Earth School Bangladesh, held the Zero Climate Change Festival in Dhaka this January. The festival was a rallying cry for students from primary schools through universities to unite in the face of climate change. In a collaborative effort, five dedicated teams sought to create an impactful platform to raise awareness about the urgent need for environmental action.

But Shahed’s mission doesn’t stop at awareness. The heart of his Climate Action Project lies in transforming the way farmers interact with their land. He held a successful workshop in January with local farmers to delve into the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and explore opportunities to embrace more environmentally- and human-friendly practices. The workshop concluded with a demonstration on how to make organic fertilizer at home. 

Currently, Shahed is planning the next round of workshops to continue working closely with farmers on how to implement the practices they learn in the workshops into the field. Although he has faced challenges, Shahed is optimistic about and energized by the next leg of his project — working toward completion prior to the PGC Final Presentations in April.

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